P.B.Soldier The Awakening, Saga 1 Variant cover by Mshindo Kuumba (Hardcover)


Variant Hardcover Version by esteemed artist Mshindo Kuumba

“A single event can AWAKEN within us a stranger totally unknown to us.”

Created & Written by: Naseed Gifted

Artwork by: Abel Garcia

Coloring by: Manoli Martinez

P.B.Soldier is a science fiction adventure that follows covert operative Nat Cummings, a skilled computer hacker using his skills to help pay for college tuition when his activities are discovered and he becomes listed as an International Terror Threat ­ “code red.” The newly formed government/paramilitary organization called The Establishment, gives him a simple choice, either work with them to become a highly­ trained assassin or be terminated.

Cummings, a sniper class operative specializing in hacking, hand­ to ­hand combat, blade combat and stealth, is exceptional at his job. Until the day he meets Jazen, a mark and former E-­Operative who knows more about him and “The E” than he does. Nat is confronted with the stunning realization that his work might not be for the greater good. Now he’s on a quest to learn the truth while coding an elaborate program to divest himself from The Establishment before becoming its next target.

Get ready for the new Afrofuturism Sci-Fi adventure P.B.Soldier The Awakening, Saga 1 is here. It’s 176 pages of non-stop action,  a phenomenal story and used as a medium to teach STEM.

176 pgs |Action/Sci-Fi| Full Color


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